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The red carpet was out for the stars at the Stardust 45th anniversary party: Phyllis Diller, Wayne Newton (Mr. Las Vegas himself), Robert Goulet, Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, Don Rickles, Sonny King, Carrot Top, Valerie Perrine, Tim Conway, and Marva Scott. Other local celebrities were spotted: Breck Wall, the Kim Sisters, Tony Sacca, Monty Rock, Jim Snyder (Channel 3 TV anchor man), and Robin Leach.

   Our Lt. Gov. Hunt is now in the process of a divorce from her long-time husband Blackie Hunt who was an entertainer in Las Vegas in days of yore, as was Lorraine herself. Lorraine is very visible all of the time in her political life and in her position with the Nevada Film Commission. So of course she is often seen many places and sometimes with another male entertainer. Lorraine sometimes still sings at her own club, the renowned Bootlegger on the Strip. Valerie Perrine's past reads something like a mind- boggling comedy drama from her showgirl days at the Stardust, her hippie days and Hollywood days. Valerie landed a role as Lenny Bruce's stripper wife and earned herself an Academy Award nomination. This reminded me of the time while living in Los Angeles. I was invited to a bizarre party at which we were given a tour of Bruce's strange house, including the bedroom where Lenny Bruce had killed himself on drugs. It was a very eerie house, as I remember. It was a two-storey with strange staircases here and there. It was at this party actor-director Steve Nave introduced me to some of the most beautiful girls in the world from his contest of the same name. Out of that contest Nave "found" four or five future Playmates who eventually were with me at different agencies. The party was near my Playboy offices on Sunset Strip. A few days after the Stardust party, Robert Goulet accompanied his beautiful wife Vera to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen along with many other new citizens. Goulet was so happy for his wife that he sang a patriotic song for all to hear. It was a very poignant time in the lives of the Goulets. One thing most of us do know is that Robert Goulet's and Wayne Newton's beautiful wives are very protective of them. If you need to contact either one of them, you will need to get past these delightful women, and that's the way their husbands want it. What's this all about? Inviting press members and lots of other notable people to a birthday party and requesting we bring a contribution for a vacation--no gifts, just money! Oh yes, and you pay for your own drinks. Well, Las Vegas does have a big share of unusual people.

   Not all of our tourists can spend $100 or more for some of the pricey extravaganza productions. However they are enjoying these smaller venues just as much: The new show "Men" at the Riviera seems to be pulling in as many outrageous gals as the more established male revues. Ray Brown Jr. (Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Brown's son), also at the Riviera, is pulling in music lovers of the past and present. Sam Distenfano (the booking agent) exclaims that these musicians and Brown were some of the very best in Las Vegas. I was invited to the debut of "Little Anthony and the Imperials" at the Riviera. They were right there at the top in the 60s and 7Os with their great hits: "Tears on My Pillow," "Shimmy, Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop," "I'm On the Outside (Looking In)," "Goin' Out of My Head." They kinda faded from view for a while. Then when they returned in the early 90s, they were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Clarence Collins, founder of "Little Anthony and the Imperials," was born in Brooklyn and had 10 brothers and sisters. Clarence and wife Brenda have a total of 10 children. Clarence's brother-in-law Anthony Gourdine's wife Linda is Brenda's twin sister. They have eight children and are now residing in Las Vegas. Ernest Wright resides with his wife and two daughters in Staten Island. He co-wrote "Just Two Kinds of People in the World" which became one of the greatest doo-wop songs of all time and was on the flip side of "Tears on My Pillow." Sammy Strains and his wife and two children live in Cherry Hill, N.J. Sammy rejoined the group when he heard about the reunion show at Madison Square Garden. He happily joined again with "Little Anthony and the Imperials." These entertainers still have what it takes to make you want to get up and sing and dance with them.

   Lots of great conventions have been in town where Steve Crespi snapped photos of Jackie Chan, Calvin Lane, Sylvester Stallone, Playmate twins Carol and Darlene Bernaola, "Lana" Hustler Honey, and Nikki Six of Motley Crue. Then at the Black and White Party he snapped a photo of this fabulous painted body. Exciting Club openings with the Ice House Lounge in beautiful downtown Las Vegas and Ice Club opening where Drink formerly was situated on Harmon. At the downtown Ice Club Lounge there was just everybody including Mayor Oscar Goodman with a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, and prominent movie critic Victoria Alexander. James Caan and actor Fred Williamson (The Hammer) were seen at the Ice Club close to the Strip. Lots of fun to go to the luncheons of the members of the local entertainers clubs. "The Cast," a club of local entertainers, holds a luncheon party monthly at the Greek Islands (the former Debbie Reynolds Hotel). You will usually see Bill Acosta, sometimes Marty Allen, Marlene Ricci, Buddy Greco, Lezlie Anders, and Frankie Randall. So many talents and such great entertainment. The public is invited to attend these functions and the price of the luncheon is very nominal

   Pilot film "Atomic City" premiered at The Palms. It is a delightful fun-filled, light-hearted family show targeting every demographic that promotes Las Vegas as the hippest place on earth . Producer Markus Rothkranz shot the entire film in Las Vegas. It is a look at Las Vegas starting in the 60s where aliens, underground top secret governmental compounds and gadgets of the future are the norm. Every role is filled by a Look-alike. Of course the star is "Elvis" (Matt Lewis), Elizabeth Taylor is a cab driver and a tough policeman is Jack Nicholson. It's a real hoot and so original that hopefully it will be a big success. Playboy had its 50th anniversary party at The Palms amid much ado. Boys, Men, Males invaded the place with their desire to be part of the scene. I remember the 25th anniversary party at his Playboy Mansion. I was just awestruck by the scores of top, top echelon of "movie stars." This anniversary was a new ball game entirely. Hef was the star at this party amid a bevy of beautiful Playmates and adorable Playboy bunnies. Hef's long-time "right hand" lady, Mary O'Connor (since Chicago days) came along and was as efficient and delightful as ever. There were different parties all weekend at the different "in" spots at The Palms. Two of the most favorite local entertainers are Siegfried & Roy at The Mirage. These guys have become such "regular" people with the press and media that they have become buddies with many. They attend and contribute to every charity, big or small, and were recently at the party at The Flamingo for Breck Wall, producer of "Bottoms Up."

   Las Vegas is known as the most exciting city in the world, and it is.

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