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 LVH MEDIA and DUBAIAN MAGAZINE, continues in its mission of publishing extraordinary commemorative magazines with the upcoming 2016 Special Edition “World Expo Dubai” Dubai International Film Festival 2016 &  World Expo 2020.”  We will be featuring articles on how to do business in Dubai, how to communicate and relate with the local community.  We will demonstrate all of the advantages of doing business in the fastest growing country in the world and how you/your company will be able to offer them what they need.  In our Special Edition “Expo 2020 Dubai” we are offering our readers a fusion of two worlds, displaying not only a wide array of informative business news, updates and exquisite plans for a magical city, but will also illuminate and highlight spectacular celebrities, stars, dignitaries, new independent titles, behind the scenes and behind the “screens” information, current trends and intriguing newsworthy “buzz” that the world of film and entertainment have to offer.   

Dubai International Film Festival (D.I.F.F) is a not-for-profit cultural event, launched with the theme of ‘Bridging Cultures, Meeting Minds’. Dubai has successfully placed on the global center-stage through its exemplary leadership, while continually building bridges within cultures, communities and attracting international pools of talent to the local area.

The festival not only showcases first class films but also actively promotes film production in the region and promises to continue premiering films of excellence and host innovative events celebrating the magic of cinema.  D.I.F.F. displays a wide selection of features, shorts and documentaries from around the world, including Asian and African countries ultimately presenting Muhr Awards to outstanding winners.

 As one of the world’s fastest growing business and tourist destinations, Dubai provides an ideal meeting point for industry friends and colleagues from around the globe. D.I.F.F. creates an exciting atmosphere for exchanging ideas among a group of progressive film industry professionals. Moreover, the networking initiatives hosted by D.I.F.F. provide participants and guests a favorable setting for conducting business.


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